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OEM Part Numbers Kubota Equipment Model Engine Make Engine Model
68731-42440 KH35 Kubota D950
68731-42440 KH41 Kubota D950
68731-42442 KH35 Kubota D950
68731-42442 KH41 Kubota D950
68731-42450 KH35 Kubota D950
68731-42450 KH41 Kubota D950
68871-42460 R310 Kubota V1305
68871-42460 R410 Kubota V1305
68493-42440 KH191 Kubota V2203
68493-42440 R510 Kubota V2203
155751-12010 B1750 Kubota D950
11460-12050 N/A N/A OC-95
68391-42200 KX71 Kubota V1505
68391-42200 KX91 Kubota V1505
68391-42200 KX91-II Kubota V1505
68391-42440 KX71 Kubota V1505
68391-42440 KX91 Kubota V1505
68391-42440 KX91-II Kubota V1505
68741-42440 KH60 Kubota V1402
68741-42440 KH66 Kubota V1402
68651-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
2244-MD-1R04-21 KH101 Kubota V1902
2244-MD-1R04-21 KH151 Kubota V1902
2244-MD-1R04-21 KH60 Kubota V1402
2244-MD-1R04-21 KH66 Kubota V1402
2244-MD-1R04-21 KX101 Kubota V1902
2244-MD-1R04-21 KX151 Kubota V1902
2244-MD-1R04-21 R310 Kubota V1305
2244-MD-1R04-21 R410 Kubota V1305
68651-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 KH60 Kubota V1402
68651-42440 KH66 Kubota V1402
68651-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
68651-42440 R310 Kubota V1305
68651-42440 R410 Kubota V1305
68661-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68661-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68661-42440 KH60 Kubota V1402
68661-42440 KH66 Kubota V1402
68661-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68661-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
68661-42440 R310 Kubota V1305
68661-42440 R410 Kubota V1305
68741-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KH60 Kubota V1402
68741-42440 KH66 Kubota V1402
68741-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
68741-42440 R310 Kubota V1305
68741-42440 R410 Kubota V1305
68761-42440 KH101 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KH151 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KH60 Kubota V1402
68761-42440 KH66 Kubota V1402
68761-42440 KX101 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 KX151 Kubota V1902
68761-42440 R310 Kubota V1305
68761-42440 R410 Kubota V1305
34159-62193 L285 Kubota 1500-A
68191-42440 KX41 Kubota D1105-BH
2232-MD-1R04-21 L2350 N/A N/A
2232-MD-1R04-21 L2500 Kubota D1403
15221-12115 L2350 N/A N/A
15221-12115 L2500 Kubota D1403
15221-12116 L2350 N/A N/A
15221-12116 L2500 Kubota D1403
15521-12110 L345 Kubota V1902
15621-12110 M6950DT N/A N/A
68741-42440 KH66 N/A N/A
15751-12010 B1550 N/A N/A
A17-0111 B20 Kubota D950
A17-0111 B8200 Kubota D950
15532-12050 B20 Kubota D950
15532-12050 B8200 Kubota D950
15262-12110 B4200 Kubota Z600A
15262-12110 BT4200DT Kubota Z600A
66706-54510 B7100HSDT N/A N/A
M5030 S2802 Kubota N/A
K3311-58100 GF1800 Kubota D722-MF
M5400DT F2803-A Kubota N/A
R1401-42410 R420 Kubota D1503-TRP1
R1401-42412 R420 Kubota D1503-TRP1
32530-10963 L4850 HTD Kubota 4 cyl. 152cid
R2501-42410 R520 Kubota V2203
R2501-45412 R520 Kubota V2203
76611-58513 F2000 Kubota D950
15126-12110 M4500 DT Kubota S2600A
19428-12003 V1505 Engine Kubota V1505
18963-12110 GL4500S Kubota 2 Cyl.
2228-MD-1R04-21 KX36-2 Kubota D1105-BH8
2228-MD-1R04-21 KX41-II Kubota D1105
RB201-42410 KX36-2 Kubota D1105-BH8
RB201-42410 KX41-II Kubota D1105
RG101-42410 KX36-2 Kubota D1105-BH8
RG101-42410 KX41-II Kubota D1105
Not original replacement M6800 Kubota V3303
3A111-12114 M6800 Kubota V3303
69191-42444 K008 Kubota N/A
RA011-42440 K008 Kubota N/A
16617-1200 V1903 Kubota V1903
16662-12000 V1903 Kubota V1903
16662-12003 V1903 Kubota V1903
3A111-12114 M6800 Kubota V3303
16264-12003 D1105 Engine Kubota D1105
76630-58510 D1105 Engine Kubota D1105
76630-58514 D1105 Engine Kubota D1105
37560-88513 V1505 Engine Kubota V1505
RD101-42410 KX120-II Kubota V2203
RD101-42410 KX121-II Kubota V2203
RD101-42410 KX161-II Kubota V2203
TA120-16410 L3010 DT Kubota 3-cyl 32hp
TA120-16410 L3010 GST Kubota 3-cyl 32hp
TA120-16410 L3010 HST Kubota 3-cyl 32hp
15616-12110 M4030 Kubota S2802
15616-12110 M5030 Kubota S2802
K2561-8311 BX1800 Kubota D722
K2561-8311 BX1800 Kubota D905E
K2561-8311 BX2200 Kubota D722
K2561-8311 BX2200 Kubota D905E
K2561-83110 BX1800 Kubota D722
K2561-83110 BX1800 Kubota D905E
K2561-83110 BX2200 Kubota D722
K2561-83110 BX2200 Kubota D905E
3275116410 L35 Kubota D1703E
18961-12110 GL6500S Kubota N/A
18961-12110 ZB-200EGL Kubota N/A
18961-12110 ZB600-GL-S Kubota N/A
2227-MD-1R04-21 B1700 HSD Kubota D1005-TLB
2227-MD-1R04-21 B1700 HSD Kubota D905-D10
2227-MD-1R04-21 B21 Kubota D1005-TLB
2227-MD-1R04-21 B21 Kubota D905-D10
2227-MD-1R04-21 B2400 Kubota D1105
32721-97000 B1700 HSD Kubota D1005-TLB
32721-97000 B1700 HSD Kubota D905-D10
32721-97000 B21 Kubota D1005-TLB
32721-97000 B21 Kubota D905-D10
32721-97000 B2400 Kubota D1105
6C04058400 B1700 HSD Kubota D1005-TLB
6C04058400 B1700 HSD Kubota D905-D10
6C04058400 B21 Kubota D1005-TLB
6C04058400 B21 Kubota D905-D10
6C04058400 B2400 Kubota D1105
C04058400 B1700 HSD Kubota D1005-TLB
C04058400 B1700 HSD Kubota D905-D10
C04058400 B21 Kubota D1005-TLB
C04058400 B21 Kubota D905-D10
C04058400 B2400 Kubota D1105
B7341 B1700 HSD Kubota D1005-TLB
B7341 B1700 HSD Kubota D905-D10
B7341 B21 Kubota D1005-TLB
B7341 B21 Kubota D905-D10
B7341 B2400 Kubota D1105
RC101-42410 KX61-2 Kubota D1105-BH6
A17-0111 B8200 Kubota D950
15532-12050 B8200 Kubota D950
3A151-12AA-4 M8200 – CUSTOM – NO CABIN Kubota V3300TE
3A481-12310 M8200DT Kubota V3300TE
11460-12050 KX121-3 Kubota V2203-M
11460-12050 KX161-3 Kubota V2203-M
RD411-42400 KX121-3 Kubota V2203-M
RD411-42400 KX161-3 Kubota V2203-M
RD411-42403 KX121-3 Kubota V2203-M
RD411-42403 KX161-3 Kubota V2203-M
3A111-12114 M6800DT Kubota V3300E
TD05016410 L3430 Kubota E-TVC5
12581-12110 D622 Kubota D622
12581-12110 D722 Kubota D722
12581-12110 N/A N/A N/A
12581-12110 WG750 Kubota WG750
R1521-42410 R420S Kubota D1503-M-T-E2RP-1
R1521-42410 R420S Kubota D1503-TRP1
R1521-42410 R520S Kubota V2203
R2511-42413 R420S Kubota D1503-M-T-E2RP-1
R2511-42413 R420S Kubota D1503-TRP1
R2511-42413 R520S Kubota V2203
R2521-42410 R420S Kubota D1503-M-T-E2RP-1
R2521-42410 R420S Kubota D1503-TRP1
R2521-42410 R520S Kubota V2203
TA14016410 L3710 Kubota V1903
RB238-42400 KX41-3 Kubota D902EBH
K7561-83113 RTV900 Kubota D902-E-UV
K7561-83113 RTV900 Kubota D902-E-UV
K7571-98350 RTV900 Kubota D902-E-UV
RA02142442 KX-008-3 Kubota D722
12673-12050 KC50 Kubota GH170-1-ES
K257183110 BX2230 Kubota D902-E-BX
20965 HTX-44K-5 Kubota Engines V2003
K3111-83112 ZD21 Kubota D782
68851-42460 R320 Kubota V1305-RP
RB411-42402 U25 Kubota D1105-K2A
RB411-42407 U25 Kubota D1105-K2A
RC348-42402 KX71-3 Kubota V1505
RC348-42403 KX71-3 Kubota V1505
RD538-42400 KX161-3 Kubota V2403-M
RC41142415 KX91-3 Kubota D1503-M
RC41142414 KX91-3 Kubota D1503-M
RA22842442 U15 (KX-3 Series) Kubota D782
K771183170 RTV1100 Kubota D1106-E2-UV
K771183170 RTV1140 Kubota D1105
RC46142404 KX91-3 Super Series 2 Kubota D1703
V3307-DI-T-E3B Kubota N/A
3C08212110 V3307-DI-T-E3B Kubota V3800DI-T-E2
K125383113 GR2110 Kubota 0782-E3
RB238-42400 n/A Kubota D902 EBH
R2301-42462 R320S Kubota V1305-E2-RP
RD809 42404 KX.080-3 Kubota V3800DI-E2-BH
RD451-42403 KX057-4 Kubota V2607-DI
K258183110 BX25 Kubota D902
TC250-16410 MX5100 Kubota V2403
TC220-16410 L4400 Kubota V2203
K7561-83115 RTV900 Kubota D902
3C042-12112 M7040F-1 Kubota V3307-DI-T-E3B
V051143403 SVL75C Kubota V3307-DI-T-E3B
3C472-123120 M8540DT Kubota V3800-DI-T
V061143402 SVL90 Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3B
TD170-16410 L5040GST-3 Kubota V-2403
3C301-12310 M5640SU Kubota V2403-T
3611-58114 F3680 Kubota V1505
6A320-58406 B26TLB Kubota D1105
E312112120 KC1 Kubota N/A
89920-1112-0 KC 120 Kubota Z 482
K7591-83173 RTV-X900 Kubota D902-E4-UV
11520-1205-0 N/A Kubota OC60
RG158-42413 KX018-4 Kubota D902-BH-E4
250 4573 6566 Kubota V2706
K773183173 RTV X1120DR Kubota D902-E4-UV
RC788-42400 U35-4 Kubota D1703M-DI-E4
3C08-112112 M8540 DT Kubota V3800-DI-T
1258212110,Kubota-4D-12582-12110 12582-12110 Kubota
1544212110,Kubota-4D-15442-12110 15442-12110 Kubota
1629612110,Kubota-5D-16296-12110 1629612110 Kubota
1629612111,Kubota-5D-16296-12111 1629612111 Kubota
1641412112,Kubota-4D-16414-12112 1641412112 Kubota
667654510,Kubota-3D-6676-54510 667654510 Kubota
6795558511,Kubota-4D-67955-58511 6795558511 Kubota
1526212110,Kubota-4D-15262-12110 B4200 Kubota Z600
K258183110,Kubota-4D-K2581-83110 BX2360 Kubota D902
10052218MD,Kubota-5D-1005-2218-MD R420 Kubota
R250142410,Kubota-5D-R2501-42410 R520 Kubota V2203
R250142412,Kubota-5D-R2501-42412 R520 Kubota
K771183110,Kubota-4D-K7711-83110 RTV1140 Kubota D1105
V051143403,Kubota-6D-V051143403 SVL75 Kubota
V061143402,Kubota-6D-V0611-43402 SVL75 Kubota
6C09058400,2207-MD-1R03-21 B7300 Kubota D722
AT12016410,2208-MD-1R04-21 L3010 Kubota D1508-LA
T007016410,2212-MD-1R04-21 L2900 Kubota D1503
1557512110,2213-MD-1R03-21 L2350 Kubota D1102
1585212110,2215-MD-1R03-21 G5200 Kubota D600
RA11142440,2234-MD-1R04-21 U-10 Kubota D722
3A01112110,2236-MD-1R05-21 M4700,M5400 Kubota F2803
6827142480,2241-MD-1R05-21 KH170,KH28 Kubota S2600-D
3A11112115,2243-MD-1R06-21 M6800 Kubota V3300-E
1553212052,2246-MD-1R07-21 M8200DT Kubota V3300T
TC03016410,2247-MD-1R05-21 L4300DT Kubota V2203
KRA02142442,2251-MD-1R03-21 K008-3,U10-3 Kubota D722-BH
K756183112,K756183114,K756198330,K756198350,2253-MD-1R04-21 RTV900 Kubota D902
R251142410,2256-MD-1R05-21 R420S Kubota D1503T
TD06016410,2260-MD-1R05-21 L5030 GST Kubota V2403
RB41142404,2262-MD-1R04-21 U25 Kubota D1105
6A32058403,2266-MD-1R04-21 B7610 HSD Kubota D1105-E-D16

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