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Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Nett Technologies Inc. is an innovative emissions control company that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of proprietary and non-proprietary Nissan emission control solutions using the latest in 3-Way and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technologies. Sold and supported globally, Nett Technologies Inc., uses the best of materials, innovative product design and quality workmanship to manufacturer its products.

We are the industry leader and an innovator of direct-fit emission control solutions for Nissan equipment. Our Nissan direct-fit mufflers replaces the OEM mufflers while retaining the same envelope size. Additionally, our Nissan after-market mufflers keep key engine performance attributes like sound attenuation and back pressure characteristics. Discover today the many ways Nett Technologies Inc. can help you and your organization with all your Nissan emission control needs.

Looking for more information on Nissan mufflers? Contact us at 1-800-361-6388

Nissan standard and catalytic
after-market mufflers

Nett Technologies has a database of over 10,000 standard and catalytic muffler designs – we have a Nissan muffler to fit your every emission control need! Please see below the various standard and catalytic Nissan muffler designs we manufacture.

OEM Part NumbersNissan Equipment ModelEngine MakeEngine Model
20100-10H00, 20100-11H00C40K, C50K, CPH02A20/25V, CPH02A30V, KCPH02A20V/PV, KCPH02A25V/PVNissanH20
20100-05H60, 20100-05H63KPH01A15V, KPH01A18V, P30K, P35KNissanH20
20100-L3200CF01A10V, CF01A15V, CF01A18VNissanJ15
20100-L1101, 20100-L1102PF02A20V, PF02A25VNissanH20
20100-15H03, 20100-15H63KPH02A20V, KPH02A25V, P40K, P50KNissanH20
20100-00H1B, 20100-14H00, 20100-14H60, 20100-15H00KPH02A20V, KPH02A25V, P40K, P50K, PH02A20/25V, PH02A30VNissanH20
20100-51H60BF03A35V, BF03A40V, BGF03A35V, BGF03A40VNissanTB42
20100-10H60AH50K, APH02A20V, APH02A25V, KAPH02A25VNissanH20
20100-23H05, 20100-23H60, 20100-25H60RGH02F28V, RGH02F30V, RGH02F35VNissanZ24
20100-20H05, 20100-21H00, 20100-21H05CRGH02F30V, CRGH02F35VNissanZ24
20100-00H00, 20100-03H03APH01A10V, APH01A12V, CPH01A10/15/18V, KCPH01A15V, KCPH01A18VNissanH20
20100-L3001CF02A20V, CPF02A20V, CPF02A25V, CPF02A30VNissanH20
20100-14H70KEH02A20V, KEH02A25V, PD40, PD40K, PD50, PD50KNissanSD25
20100-23H70KEGH02A30V, KEGH02A35V, PD60, PD60K, PD70, PD70KNissanSD25
20100-10H10CD40, CD40K, CD50, CD50K, KCEH02A20V, KCEH02A25VNissanSD25
20011-51H05F03, PD80, PD90NissanTD42
20100-10H05AH30K, APH01A15V, APH01A18V, KAH01A15VNissanA15
20100-91K10C60K, C80K, KCUGH02F30V, KCUGH02F35VNissanH25
20100-91K00KPH02A25V, KUGH02A30V, P50K, P60KNissanH25
20100-51H02P155, WGF03A40VNissanTD42
20100-L6201, 20100-L6202P80, P90, UF03, UGF03NissanP40, TB42
20100-05H00, 20100-05H01H01 Series, PH01A15VNissanH20
20100-0K460, 20100-0K461, 20100-6G460, 20902-0K460AP50, APJ02A25PV, CUGJ02F30PV, CUGJ02F30V, JC60NissanH20, H25
20100-L1600F01A15V, PF01A15VNissanH20, J15
20100-23H05, 20100-23H60RGH02F28VNissanZ24
20100-L6801CHF03A35V, HGF03NissanH30
20100-0K200, 20100-0K201, 20100-0K202, 20100-0K210, 20100-6G200, 20100-6G210, 20902-6G280CPJ02A20V, CPJ02A25V, JC30/35/40/50, JP30, PJ01A15V, PJ01A18VNissanH20, H25
20100-0K470CUGJ02F35PS, CUGJ02F35PV, CUGJ02F35VNissanH25
20100-0K001, 20100-0K002, 20100-6G000, 20100-6G100, 20902-0K100CPJ01A15V, CPJ01A18PV, CPJ01A18V, JC30, JC35NissanH20
20100-L9200BF05A70V, BF05H70VNissanTB42
20100-L9200DF05N70V, DF05N73V, PD155YNissanFD6, FE6
20100-55K01, 20100-55K02, 20100-6G300JP50, JP60, PJ02A20V, PJ02A25V, UGJ02A30PVNissanH20, H20 ?, H25
20100-0K460, 20100-0K461, 20100-6G460, 20902-0K460CUGJ02F35PV, CUGJ02F35V, JC80NissanTB42
20100-0K460, 20100-0K461, 20100-6G460AP50, APJ02A25PVNissanH20
20100-0K210, 20100-6G210JP30, PJ01A15V, PJ01A18VNissanH20
20100-55K01, 20100-55K02, 20100-6G300FGJ02A25VNissanTD27
20100-51H02, 20902-52H00BF03A35V, BGF03A35V, BGF03A40VNissanTB42
20100-40K03, 20100-40K04, 20100-6G600FGJ02A30V, JP60DNissanTD27
20800-VC200, 91863-03500, 91A62-00600K21, K25, TB45NissanK21, K25, TB45
Some of the above listed Nissan mufflers are available only as a cut and install option. OEM muffler may be required. To receive the latest and most accurate information on available designs, please contact a Nett Technologies’ representative. The above items are not reflective of newly added designs – if you don’t see your particular product, please contact Nett Technologies. Certain terms and conditions apply.