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Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Nett Technologies Inc. is an innovative emissions control company that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of proprietary and non-proprietary Yale emission control solutions using the latest in 3-Way and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technologies. Sold and supported globally, Nett Technologies’ catalytic converters, use the best of materials, innovative product design and quality workmanship to manufacturer its products.

We are the industry leader and an innovator of direct-fit emission control solutions for Yale equipment. Our Yale direct-fit catalytic converters replaces the OEM mufflers while retaining the same envelope size. Additionally, our Yale after-market catalytic converters keep key engine performance attributes like sound attenuation and back pressure characteristics. Discover today the many ways Nett Technologies Inc. can help you and your organization with all your Yale emission control needs.

Looking for more information on Yale catalytic converters?
Contact us at 1-800-361-6388

Yale standard and catalytic
after-market mufflers

Nett Technologies has a database of over 10,000 standard and catalytic muffler designs – we have a Yale muffler to fit your every emission control need! Please see below the various standard and catalytic Yale muffler designs we manufacture.

OEM Part NumbersYale Equipment ModelEngine MakeEngine Model
9074656-00, 9115604-00, A17-0062, A32-0398, A32-0403, A36-0120, A36-0123GLC030 AD, GLC030 AE, GLC030 AF, GLC030 BD, GLC030 BFN, GLC030 CE, GLC030 RD, GLC030 TE, GLC040 AD, GLC040 AF, GLC040 BD, GLC040 CE, GLC040 RD, GLC040 TE, GLC050 CE, GLC050 DEN, GLC050/60 AD, GLC050/60 AF, GLC050/60 BD, GLC050/60 RD, GLC050/60 TE, GLP030 AD, GLP030 BD, GLP030 RD, GLP030 RE, GLP040 AD, GLP040 AF, GLP040 BD, GLP040 RD, GLP040 RE, GLP050/60 AD, GLP050/60 BD, GLP050/60 RD, GLP050/60 REMazda2.0L, FE
5092736-00, A32-0393G83C GL Series, G83P, L83C080SBT090BCSChrysler, Ford192, 225, H225
5089226-00, A32-0406, A36-0065G51P-040Chrysler218
9018977-00, A32-0400, A36-0121GLP080 LC,MCChryslerH225
0809091-00, A32-0419G5GM305
9070774-00, A32-0402GLC040 AB,RCMazdaFE
9051946-00, A32-0411GLC030 CB, GLC040 ABMazdaFE
5092736-00, A32-0393L83C080SBT090BCSChrysler225
1335066-00, A32-0397GLC050SBS096ChryslerH225
0327263-00KG51AT-100, KGP51AT-040Chrysler218, IND. 30
5059735-38, 5059735-96, 5800540-32, 5800606-72GLP040 RF, RG, TF, TG, GLP050 RF, RG, TF, TG, GLP060 RF, RG, TF, TGMazda2.2L, FE
9115604-00, A32-0398, A36-0123GLC050 DENN/AN/A
9115604-00, A32-0398, A36-0123GLC030 CE, GLC040 CE, GLC050 CEN/AN/A
0264144-00, A32-0417L52AT1ContinentalF163
5012335-00GLP080 LBChrysler225
9010844-00GLC030 UAT, GLC030 UAT 071PMazdaFE
9051806-00, A32-0407GLC020-030 CB, GLC030-040 AB, GLP020-030 CBMazdaD5, FE
9072906-00, 9072906-22GLC030 CD, GLC030 CDJUAE083MazdaD5
9051796-00, A32-0404GLP030-040 AB, GLP040-060 RCMazdaFE
9051796-00, A32-0404GDC040-060 RC, GDP030-040 AB, GDP040-060 RCMazdaXA
9016836-00, A32-0391GLP050 RB, GLP060 RBMazdaFE
9058936-00GLC060 LC, GLC070 LC, GLC080 LC, GLC090 LC, GLC100 LCChrysler225
9058936-00GDC060 LC, GDC070 LC, GDC080 LC, GDC090 LC, GDC100 LCN/AN/A
9018977-00, A32-0400, A36-0121GDP060 LC,MC, GDP070 LC,MC, GDP080 LC,MC, GDP090 LC,MC, GDP100 LC,MCN/AN/A
9070774-00, A32-0402GDP040 RC, GDP050 RC, GDP060 RCMazdaXA
9074966-00GDP040 RD, GDP050 RD, GDP060 RDMazdaXA
9020336-00GLP050 RAMazdaN/A
9058926-00GLP060 LC, GLP070 LC, GLP080 LCChrysler225
9051946-00, A32-0411GLC030 CBMazdaFE
9088036-00, A32-0410GLC080 LCChrysler225
9057176-00, A32-0390GLC060 LC, GLC070 LC, GLC080 LCChrysler225
1335066-00, A32-0397GLC050SBS096, GLC120 SBS096ChryslerH225
5188026-09, 520045046GLC050 RGN, GLC050 TFN, GLC060 TGNMazda2.2L
9010844-00GLC030 UAT 071PMazdaN/A
9122616-00, A32-0420GLC070 LG/MG, GLC080 LG/MG, GLC090 LG/MG, GLC100 LG/MG, GLC120 LG/MGGM4.3L
5188026-09GLC040 RF, RG, TF, TG, ZG, GLC045 RF, RG, TF, TG, ZG, GLC050 RF, RG, TF, TG, ZG, GLC055 RF, RG, TF, TG, ZG, GLC060 RF, RG, TF, TG, ZG, GLC065 RF, RG, TF, TG, ZGGM3.0L
9122616-00, A32-0420GLC070 LG/MG, GLC080 LG/MG, GLC090 LG/MG, GLC100 LG/MG, GLC120 LG/MGGM4.3L
5800040-98GDP165, GDP210Perkins1006-6
5800046-26GDP230DA, GDP280DAPerkins1006-6T
5800109-55, 5800109-85GLP080 LJ, GLP110 MJN, GLP120MJNGM4.3L, 4.3L V6
5800046-50GDP300EA, GDP330EA, GDP360EAPerkins1006.6T
5059735-38GLP060 VGGM3.0L
5800222-63GLC080 LJ-BCSGM4.3
1351519GLC 040 RF/RG/TG, GLC 065 RF/RG/TG, S40XM, S65XMMazda2.2
1351505GLC O40 RF/RG/TG, GLC O65 RF/RG/TG, S40XM, S65XMMazda2.2
1389437GLC 040 RF/RG/TG, GLC 065 RF/RG/TG, S40XM, S65XMMazda2.2
9185194-00GLC 080 LFNSBE088, GLP100MGNSBE098GM, N/AN/A, V-6 262
2098588, 5800744-64100FTBCS, GLC080VX-BCSGM4.3 V6, 4.3L
9088036-00GLC080 LC, GLC080 LGGM4.3L
5800540-32GLP060TFMazdaMZ 2.2
15604,1327-MD-1R05-2111FD20 PVIMazdaXA-25
910070600,1303-MD-1R07-21FD50 PAHinoW06D
63778700,1330-MV-1R04-21GC50 BA,GC50 BBContinentalF163
505973523,1329-ID-1R05-21GDP60 TFMazdaHA-30
Some of the above listed Yale mufflers are available only as a cut and install option. OEM muffler may be required. To receive the latest and most accurate information on available designs, please contact a Nett Technologies’ representative. The above items are not reflective of newly added designs – if you don’t see your particular product, please contact Nett Technologies. Certain terms and conditions apply.