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Roger Willson: “I don't smell obnoxiousfumes at all, it's wonderful. Thank you very much for the service your company provides, excellent job!”

Andrew Rees: “We purchased a CO gas monitor on Amazon to test it. In a small 4m x 5m enclosed room, our existing muffler read 44 ppm in 10 minutes.With the BlueCAT™ SSI on zero ppm after 40 mins !!Excellent.”

Chris: “Very good products. My clients really like the catalytic muffler for when they need to use their power washers underground.”

Mark Sawatsky: “Nett custom made some catalytic converters for my indoor kart track and they have been the best company to deal with. They are in constant contact with me about the fit of the converters and immediately made adjustments when necessary. The sales and engineering staff have been extremely helpful and the final product has been working very well. Our customers have been commenting that the air quality in the building is much improved. I definitely recommend Nett Technologies.”

Briget Marciniak: “I have been dealing with NettTechnolgies for the last year. We ordered multiple catalytic converters for our Honda GX270 engines (kart track). Due to changes we made to our exhaust location, we needed to trim some of the heat shield and also needed to attach an exit downpipe (special to our configuration). Nett has been WONDERFUL to deal with. They asked us for information on why we made the changes, and then sent us new superior designs for our use. The new designs are perfect. They always follow up and want to know if you are happy, they make changes to suit YOU and are always looking to please. A great company to work with.”

Dave Hobbs: “Just wanted you to know that I received the muffler...and it is EXACTLY what I envisioned! Thank you so much for your assistance in making my wish come to fruition. Also, wanted to thank you for your patience during this whole process!”


Michael: “We were using them on the saw to cut emissions inside an Amazon facility for a few hours a day. Amazon does not allow propane saws inside the building for air quality purposes. When these cats were working, the Amazon Safety team was impressed on the air quality and let us use the saws.”


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