Company Update on COVID-19

To our valued Customers and Vendors,

In this challenging time for all of us, Nett Technologies Inc., is committed to ensuring the continued safety and welfare of our employees, our communities, and our supply chain. As we are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are also dedicated to supporting you and your business in these critical times of ongoing economic and social uncertainty.

Recognizing the life-saving product we manufacture for our customers and that they're providing vital services to their communities requires that certain crucial operations continue. Therefore, the relevant governmental authorities permit and encourage these “essential” businesses to continue to function.

As a manufacturer of emission control products used in the power generation, material handling, construction, mining, and many other critical sectors of our national infrastructure, Nett Technologies Inc., is considered an “essential” business. Accordingly, our facility will remain open for the time being as we do our part to support our “essential” customers in their continuing operations.

We are working diligently to eliminate any disruption to your product deliveries and future sales order placement. We are here to discuss any issues in your forecast, the possibility to rush orders out, as well as eliminating concerns you may have. While we ask our customers and vendors to limit on-site visits to critical matters only, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Thank you for your partnership during these difficult times.

Nett Technologies Management

Contact Information:
tel: 905·672·5453       
toll-free: 1·800·361·6388
e-mail: [email protected]