Nett Technologies Launches its First EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 Emissions Compliant Engine Test Cell

 Nett Technologies Inc., of Mississauga, Ontario, is proud to announce the launch of its first EPA 40 CFR PART 1065 emissions compliant engine test cell. Utilizing a state-of-the-art automation system from AVL, Nett Technologies Inc. can now run emission tests in full compliance of EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) engine emission testing standards. The test cell was engineered and built by Nett Technologies Inc. with AVL providing the equipment and commissioning of its full-flow dilution automation system. In addition to the full dilution Constant Volume Sampling (CVS) measurements, the test cell is also equipped to measure raw emissions to enhance engine and product development, ultimately saving time and money.

“This definitely is a wonderful and historical moment for the company. I am delighted to achieve what is considered in the industry to be the pinnacle of emission testing compliance. This big achievement is truly symbolic to the tireless dedication, experience, knowledge and efforts put forward by the Design Engineering and the Research and Development team. Meeting this EPA emission testing compliance will vastly expand our testing capabilities allowing us to meet today and tomorrow’s strict regulations,” says Ted Tadrous, Technology Director, Nett Technologies Inc.

“Testing capability is the main pillar in our daily mindset and engineering practices. With the addition of this state-of-the-art engine test cell, our Research and Development team will now be able to provide product validations, verifications and engine certifications that meet EPA and California ARB engine emission testing standards,” continues Ted Tadrous.

Achieving this new quality assurance level in engine testing is conforming to Nett Technologies’ on-going commitment to provide top performing, reliable and durable emission control solutions to its valued customers. By investing heavily into its current engine testing facility, Nett Technologies Inc. now opens its doors to new opportunities for product development, verifications and engine certifications.

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Alex Stojkovic
Marketing Manager, Nett Technologies Inc.
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Ted Tadrous 
Technology Director, Nett Technologies Inc.
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