Nett MDS – Temperature & Pressure Data Logger

Nett Technologies Inc. has introduced a pressure and temperature data logger for use with internal combustion engines, the Nett MDS™. The MDS™ stores exhaust pressure and temperature data at set intervals continuously for extended periods of time – up to one month. By analyzing the stored data, exhaust temperature and pressure profiles can be developed which aid in selecting an appropriate exhaust emissions control product for the application.

One such product, the Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter, efficiently removes the black soot (diesel particulate matter: DPM) from diesel engine exhaust. Diesel particulate matter is the most troublesome emission from the diesel engine. DPM presents a serious health concern and is the subject of increasingly more stringent environmental and occupational health regulations worldwide.

Diesel particulate filters trap DPM emissions with an efficiency of up to 95%. To burn-off the trapped DPM (regenerate) the filter requires an exhaust temperature of at least 325°C (620°F) for 20% of the operating time of the engine. The Nett MDS™ enables the collection of exhaust temperature data while the vehicle is in operation, performing its normal duties/route over long periods of time. When extracted, the data can be used to graph (summarize) exhaust temperatures and determine if the vehicle is suitable for use with a diesel particulate filter. The MDS™ is also capable of monitoring exhaust backpressure, useful in verifying proper diesel particulate filter function after installation.

The Nett MDS™ is a miniature computer with inputs which can be connected to temperature and pressure sensors. A flash memory card, similar to those used in digital cameras, is used to store the temperature and pressure data. The system comes with a cable and advanced software package for connecting to a computer. Using this connection, data can be extracted from the memory card and the MDS™ settings can be configured. The Nett MDS™ housing is a waterproof, rugged and durable steel case which allows the system to be installed anywhere on the vehicle’s chassis close to the exhaust system.