New Nett® D-Series Catalysts Receive 1998 OEMmie Award

Nett® D-Series Catalysts have won a 1998 OEMmie Award for Modern Innovative Engineering. It is the sixth year that the OEMmies have been awarded to companies by the OEM Off-Highway Magazine and Johnson Hill Press Publications.

The qualifying products were selected from the hundreds introduced within the last year that have appeared in OEM Off-Highway Magazine. An independent panel of judges from leading universities and from industry cast their votes and the Nett® D-Series Catalyst was a winner in its product category.

OEM Off-Highway and Johnson Hill Press Publications are planning an awards celebration on September 28, 1998, at the Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Nett Technologies Inc. introduced the new D-Series diesel catalyst formulations to be used in the Nett® line of emission control products for off-highway diesel engines. The D-Series catalysts represent the most advanced catalyst technology designed for high reductions of diesel particulate and hydrocarbon emissions, as well as diesel odor. Diesel engines are characterized by relatively low exhaust gas temperatures. Effective catalytic emission control of hydrocarbons (HC) is, therefore, a problem in most light duty diesel applications. All emission control catalysts require high exhaust gas temperatures to perform efficiently.

That problem has been resolved in the D-series Nett® catalysts by incorporating zeolite-based hydrocarbon trapping materials into the catalyst washcoat. Zeolites, known also as molecular sieves, have the ability to adsorb hydrocarbons at low temperatures and release them at high temperatures, where the catalyst operates with high efficiency. Thus, the D-series catalysts allow the benefits of diesel oxidation catalysts to extend into low temperature regions, where the conventional catalysts remain inactive.

Nett Technologies Inc. specializes in emission control products for engines, vehicles, and machinery used in material handling, construction, and mining industries. The range of products available from Nett includes catalytic converters for diesel, natural gas, LPG, and gasoline engines, diesel particulate filters, and fume diluters.