VorTEQ™ 100 DPF System Conditionally Verified by California Air Resources Board

Nett Technologies Inc. (Nett) of Mississauga, Ontario is pleased to announce that its VorTEQ™ 100 Active Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System has received conditional verification from the California Air Resources Board (http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/verdev/companies/ nett/vorteq100.htm).

The VorTEQ™ 100 Active DPF System is a Level 3 Plus (greater than 85% reduction) diesel emission control system for off-road diesel engines between 65 and 175 horsepower. It is verified to particulate matter (PM) emission levels of 0.26 grams per kilowatt-hour (0.20 grams per brake horsepower-hour) or less and is compliant with CARB's 2009 nitrogen dioxide standard. The VorTEQ™ 100 Active DPF System is well suited for engines above 50 hp in an off-road application and comes with 5 year/ 4,200 hour warranty coverage.

The system uses a diesel fuel burner to oxidize the PM (soot) that accumulates in the DPF and has a controller that perpetually records the operating parameters of the system as per the CARB verifications requirements. The controller is equipped with a cab mounted touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface). The display is a convenient, user-friendly device to provide adequate feedback information to the operator. The feedback information serves two main purposes (i) it alerts the operator as to when a regeneration of the DPF is required and (ii), it indicates the presence of any error(s) within the system.

Consistent with all of Nett's direct-fit systems, the VorTEQ™ 100 is a custom designed replacement of the original equipment exhaust components to reduce installation time to minimum. Nett is excited about this new addition to its line of products and is expecting other verification announcements in 2014.

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