Proposed Rule Calls for Reduced Exposure to Diesel Particulate for Underground Coal Miners

MSHA News Release No. 98-0414 Mine Safety and Health Administration Contact: Rodney Brown Phone: (703) 235-1452 The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has proposed new health standards for underground coal mines that use equipment powered by diesel engines. This proposal is designed to reduce the health risks to underground coal miners associated with the Read more

Nett Direct-Fit Diesel Purifiers Available for Bobcat Equipment

Nett Technologies announced the availability of direct-fit diesel purifiers (catalytic converters) for all models of Bobcat equipment. The direct-fit purifiers for Bobcat equipment replace a section of the original exhaust system to reduce the installation time and eliminate the need for cutting or welding. Most popular models are now in stock, others are available in Read more

New D-Series Catalysts Effectively Control Diesel Particulate Matter and Hydrocarbon Emissions

Nett Technologies Inc. introduced new diesel catalyst formulations to be used in the Nett® line of products including diesel exhaust purifiers, catalytic mufflers, and other catalytic emission control products for diesel engines. The new D-series catalysts represent the most advanced catalyst technology designed for high reductions of diesel particulate and hydrocarbon emissions.

Three-Way Catalyst Systems for LPG-Powered Forklift Trucks

Nett Technologies Inc. developed a retrofit, three-way catalyst system for LPG-powered forklift trucks. The emission control kit includes a three-way catalytic muffler, an oxygen sensor, and a digital air to fuel ratio controller. The system efficiently removes carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons from LPG exhaust gases. It is intended for forklifts operating in confined Read more