NEES™ 210 (12 Volt)
Digital Air-to-Fuel Ratio Controller

Photo of the NEES™ 210 air/fuel ratio controller

The NEES™ 210 is a digital air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio controller for gaseous fuelled, carbureted Genset engines with a 12 Volt electrical system. The NEES™ 210 is primarily designed for use with Nett's 3-Way Catalyst systems in closed-loop configuration. By precisely maintaining the optimal A/F ratio (also known as the stoichiometric A/F ratio) at all engine-operating conditions, the unit maximizes emission reductions in the 3-Way Catalyst. The controller also reduces fuel consumption and increases engine life.

The controller incorporates an on board diagnostic system, which allows for constant monitoring of its operation and simplifies set-up. The combination of lights built directly into the unit provides an indication of the controller operation without the need for additional monitoring tools. The diagnostic functions include a fuel system status light, and sets of lights to monitor setpoint, Oxygen sensor light, and modulation. The unit also includes an optional, remote-mounted warning light to alert the operator in case of system problems and to prevent the release of excessive emissions.

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