NEES™ 220 (24 Volt) Digital Air-to-Fuel Ratio Controller

 The NEES™220 is a digital air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio controller for gaseous fuelled, carbureted Genset engines with a 24 Volt electrical system. The NEES™220 is primarily designed for use with Nett's 3-Way Catalyst systems in closed-loop configuration. By precisely maintaining the optimal A/F ratio (also known as the stoichiometric A/F ratio) at all engine-operating conditions, the unit maximizes emission reductions in the 3-Way Catalyst. The controller also reduces fuel consumption and increases engine life.The controller incorporates an on board diagnostic system, which allows for constant monitoring of its operation and simplifies set-up. The combination of lights built directly into the unit provides an indication of the controller operation without the need for additional monitoring tools. The diagnostic functions include a fuel system status light, and sets of lights to monitor setpoint, Oxygen sensor light, and modulation. The unit also includes an optional, remote-mounted warning light to alert the operator in case of system problems and to prevent the release of excessive emissions.

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