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Sound Attenuation

Sound Attenuation is the technical process Nett Technologies Inc. uses to decrease the intensity of noise through the use of various engineering techniques like spreading, scattering, reflection and absorption. Sound is what we hear in our environment however noise is more commonly used to reference unwanted sound that in low amounts can be annoying and in extreme amounts harmful.

At Nett Technologies Inc., our goal is to deliver emission control services and products that routinely exceed the expectations of our customers, stakeholders, partners and employees. By applying cutting edge engineering processes like sound attenuation to the production process we continually ensure the delivery of the best possible product and service.

We test on-site all muffler and catalytic systems with the goal of limiting and controlling noise pollution from your internal combustion engine. Designed to meet the needs of today’s most extreme sound emission requirements, Nett Technologies Inc. uses proprietary manufacturing processes that deliver product and service excellence to meet your back-pressure and noise emission requirements.

Using engineering processes like Sound Attenuation for product development is one of the many reasons why Nett Technologies Inc. is... the emission control authority!